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These posts focus on work being done in my PhD courses at ODU

Tool Review: Storify

Using Storify to Support Multimodal Learning and Multimodal Composition Storify is a social networking site that let’s you curate content from other social media sites and from across the web to create “stories” of particular events. Storify has particularly been used to catalogue responses to news events like elections, but has also been used within…

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Case Study Synthesis

This semester I have been exploring how different theories allow me to explore the writing center as an object of study. Different theories allowed me to look at different aspects of the writing center, helping to approach big picture issues or more narrow foci depending on the theory. All theories bring certain things into focus…

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Case Study 3: Ecology of the Writing Center

My first case study examined the writing center broadly using Foucault’s archaeological method. My second case study examined my specific writing center in light of Spinuzzi’s activity theory and Latour’s actor-network theory. These theoretical frameworks allowed me to examine either the discursive writing center (Foucault) or my specific writing center (Spinuzzi and Latour) in interesting…

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Castells 3D Network

One of the sub-networks from Castells that caught my attention was his discussion of the global network  of research and the academy.  He notes how 50% of PhD were foreign nationals, yet research still focuses on issues of interest to the West. He claimed, “Problems which are critical for developing countries, but offer little general,…

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ENGL 894 Reading Notes: Ecology (Week 11)

With our readings for this week I found myself thinking about connections to Spinuzzi and Latour, and ultimately my interest was in how humans were portrayed as part of ecosystems in the readings. I was really struck by an early passage from Spellman in which he provides a passage he believes helps explain ecology. He…

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Case Study–Re-proposing My Oos

For my case study project, I have been examining the writing center as my object of study. Depending on the affordances of the various theories I have been seeking to apply, I have looked at the writing center broadly as a concept–a pedagogical principle of one-to-one writing instruction that focuses on helping students be better…

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Case Study #2: Analyzing Action and Agency in the Writing Center with Spinuzzi and Latour

In my first case study which used Foucault’s archaeological method to analyze the writing center, I was able to focus on the discursive writing center, thinking about the ideal writing center versus actual local practices, therefore, examining the network of scholarship, ideas, and practices of writing centers. This method was very helpful for this big…

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