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Castells 3D Network

One of the sub-networks from Castells that caught my attention was his discussion of the global network  of research and the academy.  He notes how 50% of PhD were foreign nationals, yet research still focuses on issues of interest to the West. He claimed, “Problems which are critical for developing countries, but offer little general,…

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Case Study 2 Outline Responses

I looked at Megan’s and Adrienne’s outlines for Case Study 2. It was really interesting to view both of their outlines because Megan is using two theories that seem to really go together and work in conjunction (hypertext and ANT) while Adrienne is using two very different theories (Foucault and CHAT). Seeing both of these…

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Case Study Responses & Assessment

I commented on Laurie’s case study. Since Laurie also used Foucault, it was really helpful to think about how we approached this theory differently, and at times seemed to reach different conclusions. Here is a link to my comment:  For the theory application assessment, I chose to examine Alex’s case study, so I created…

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DWAE Follow Up

I took a look at Megan and Laurie’s annotated bibliography entries. I was struck by how much of the book examined eportfolios as all of three of our chapters (and several others from the table of contents) looked at this topic. Though from the readings I saw great value in their potential for reflection, their…

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Annotated Bibliography

Bourelle, Tiffany, Sherry Rankins-Robertson, Andrew Bourelle, and Doane Roen. “Assessing Learning in Redesigned Online First Year Composition Classes.” Digital Writing Assessment & Evaluation. Ed. Heidi A McKee and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press, 2013. Web. This chapter discusses how the development of a new model of FYC…

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How Stuff Works: Internet Basics

Think you know the internet? Take this quiz from to see if you know truth from myth. While some in the class may be very familiar with the inner workings of the internet, I myself was relatively ignorant, so I decided to focus my post on the basics of how the internet works in…

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