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These posts focus on work being done in my PhD courses at ODU

894 Reading Notes: Latour/ANT (Week 8)

I decided on a different approach for this week’s reading notes because I felt like terminology was so important for understanding Latour’s theory. Thus, I have decided to define what I see as major terms for this theory using quotes from Reassembling the Social. Intermediary: “what transports meaning or force without transformation: defining its inputs…

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Case Study 2 Outline Responses

I looked at Megan’s and Adrienne’s outlines for Case Study 2. It was really interesting to view both of their outlines because Megan is using two theories that seem to really go together and work in conjunction (hypertext and ANT) while Adrienne is using two very different theories (Foucault and CHAT). Seeing both of these…

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Case Study #2 Outline: Spinuzzi & Latour

Distinction between previous theoretical analysis through/application of Foucault which allowed examination of the discursive writing center and the present analysis using Spinuzzi and Latour, which allows for an activity or action focused network, bringing into focus a specific or local writing center as a network Spinuzzi: Nodes-situatedness & relationships network as a whole made up…

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Case Study Responses & Assessment

I commented on Laurie’s case study. Since Laurie also used Foucault, it was really helpful to think about how we approached this theory differently, and at times seemed to reach different conclusions. Here is a link to my comment:  For the theory application assessment, I chose to examine Alex’s case study, so I created…

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894 Reading Notes: CHAT (Week 6)

In “Re-situating and Re-mediating the Canons: A Cultural-Historical Remapping of Rhetorical Activity” Prior et al. describe their project of resituating the rhetorical canon using cultural-historical activity theory as “fundamentally rhizomatic” (23). Thus, I have deemed it appropriate to have a rather rhizomatic post myself, with various offshoots of ideas/ notions that occurred to me as…

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894 Case Study #1: Archaeology of the Writing Center

In The Archaeology of Knowledge, Michel Foucault articulates a methodology that counters the history of ideas, which seeks linearity and continuity within discourse, with one focused on moments of discontinuity and disunity. This methodology, which Foucault labels archaeology, presents an interesting theoretical framework to examine writing centers. This theory takes what appears to be a…

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DWAE Follow Up

I took a look at Megan and Laurie’s annotated bibliography entries. I was struck by how much of the book examined eportfolios as all of three of our chapters (and several others from the table of contents) looked at this topic. Though from the readings I saw great value in their potential for reflection, their…

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Annotated Bibliography

Bourelle, Tiffany, Sherry Rankins-Robertson, Andrew Bourelle, and Doane Roen. “Assessing Learning in Redesigned Online First Year Composition Classes.” Digital Writing Assessment & Evaluation. Ed. Heidi A McKee and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press, 2013. Web. This chapter discusses how the development of a new model of FYC…

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