First Weeks

Well, I have finally officially started in my position as the Coordinator of the Writing Center–though I quickly learned that because of the formal integration of the Learning Center and the Writing Center and the desire to create a more unified unit, I will be known as the Coordinator of Writing Services in The Learning Center, though my official position (i.e. what I can put on my CV) is still Coordinator of the Writing Center. Not a large difference, nor does it really affect what I will be doing for my job, but it is a reminder of the politics at play in any workplace. One of the things about being an adjunct is that you remain largely on the fringe and not involved in the politics of where you work besides the battle over adjunct use. I’m not used to my job being so tied up in the bigger picture, if you know what I mean.

I have also arrived just in time to help with the annual report, a task made difficult since I am actually not privy to much of what went on before I started in this position. As I’ve poured over student usage data and short student surveys, I realize they tell me almost nothing. One of my priorities is definitely going to be more effective assessment–now I just have to figure out how to actually go about doing that. I’m pushing for the purchase of WConline and I think this will make a big difference, but I’m not sure if our center’s small budget will allow for it. I guess I find myself in a place not unfamiliar to many with leadership roles in a writing center: big ideas and big goals, but little resources to enact them. I’m going to have to get creative, though, because I’m determined to make this center grow and become more prominent at the college. We may not officially be the “writing center” anymore, but I’m still determined to make it a central place for students.

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