Case Study 2 Outline Responses

I looked at Megan’s and Adrienne’s outlines for Case Study 2. It was really interesting to view both of their outlines because Megan is using two theories that seem to really go together and work in conjunction (hypertext and ANT) while Adrienne is using two very different theories (Foucault and CHAT). Seeing both of these models really helped me think through how the choice of theories and their relationship to each other really shapes the organizational structure of the case study. I think the relationship between my two theories is actually in between the two extremes of interconnected (Megan’s) and disparate (Adrienne’s); ┬áseeing these organizational structures actually did make me more confident in my own planned structure since it is more of a point by point comparison/ contrast between the theories since Spinuzzi and Latour certainly have things in common, but also have departures that can be contrasted.

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