Castells 3D Network

One of the sub-networks from Castells that caught my attention was his discussion of the global network  of research and the academy.  He notes how 50% of PhD were foreign nationals, yet research still focuses on issues of interest to the West. He claimed, “Problems which are critical for developing countries, but offer little general, scientific interest, or do not have a promising, solvent market, are neglected in research programs in dominant countries” (125). So here is my representation of this network:


The diagram shows connections between various countries and the West; however the confetti over the U.S. and Canada, and Western Europe  demonstrates the concentration of research occurring in these locations. The paper clips and pill bottle with the U.S. symbolize the research completed the focuses on Western interests. This network, while it may be global, is not balanced.

Here are links to my comments and responses to Laurie’s model and Megan’s model.

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