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April 27, 2016

Final 2 Network Theories Mind Map

The final version of my mind map is my reorganization of the map. This reorganization was driven by the theory tree activity. Like that map, the texts/theorists are arranged somewhat chronologically. I have three branches the the map is building on, a rhetorical situation branch, a discourse branch, and an ecology branch. As things move from left to right, there are more and more intersections between the branches. I think this reorganization is much clearer than previous versions of my mind map with how different theories and texts are connected.

April 10, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 7

I only added a few nodes this week for Castells: globalization and informational society. I drew connections of globalization to Guattari. I also saw connections between Castells and Foucault.

April 4, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 6

This week’s mind map was difficult because so many of the neurobiology were so different than what we have spoken about before. I ended up adding nodes for neurobiology, neurogenesis (a concepts I found fruitful) and bidirectionality which I saw as part of how to understand neurogenesis. I drew connections between these concepts and Bateman’s notion of the immanent and transcendent mind. I also decided to connect neurobiology to “rules” from Foucault because how our brain works and processes information has an impact our search for “rules” that tie information and concepts together.

March 28, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 5

For this week I added nodes for Spellman, the Cary Institute and Guattari. For Spellman and the Cary Institute I added a node of ecosystem. For Guattari I added nodes for his three registers of ecology. I connected the Cary Institute to Guattari’s environmental register, I connected Spellman to the environmental register and the social relations register. I also drew connections between the ecosystem node and the context node from rhetorical situation, and a link between Guattari’s human subjectivity register and Latour and ANT.

March 22, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 5

For this week I added nodes for Bateson, Gibson, & Norman. With these nodes I added nodes for key terms including Ecology of the Mind, Transcendent Mind, Immanent Mind, Affordances and Perceived Affordances. I drew connections between affordances and agency within ANT. I also drew connections between perceived affordances and Spinuzzi since that seems to be part of his look an unofficial genres.

March 8, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 5

This week I added nodes for ANT. I chose to add four nodes: actor/actant, intermediary/mediator, social, and agency. Most of these nodes I connected to the previous node Context because I think ANT provides a new way of conceptualizing context. I also decided to connect Social to Community, because though Latour’s definition of social goes beyond just human interaction to include the impact of non-human entities, I think that community can still be a part of social even in Latour’s definition of it.

February 25, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 4

This week I added several new nodes for CHAT. I chose to include all of the aspects of literate activity because I felt like these were helpful to think through what previous nodes they aligned with, particularly in the nodes from the rhetorical situation readings, and also which new nodes seemed to add something completely new, like the “distribution” node.

February 17, 2016

Network Theories Mind Map 3

In this version I not only added nodes related to Spinuzzi and genre tracing, I also added nodes to the sections on genre theory and Foucault. For genre I added a node about genre systems since I saw a connection between this concept and genre ecologies. I also added a node for disruption/disunity in Foucault since I saw connections to Spinuzzi’s notion of destabilization. Finally, Spinuzzi’s three levels of scope are connected to different genre theorists, demonstrating at what level(s) their analysis of genre occupies.

February 5, 2016:

Network Theories Mind Map

In this version, I added nodes with the authors and concepts related to genre theory. I made connections to previous nodes such as knowledge and rules and discourse.

January 30, 2016:
Network Theories Mind Map

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