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ENGL 894 Reading Notes: Ecology (Week 11)

With our readings for this week I found myself thinking about connections to Spinuzzi and Latour, and ultimately my interest was in how humans were portrayed as part of ecosystems in the readings. I was really struck by an early passage from Spellman in which he provides a passage he believes helps explain ecology. He…

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Case Study #2: Analyzing Action and Agency in the Writing Center with Spinuzzi and Latour

In my first case study which used Foucault’s archaeological method to analyze the writing center, I was able to focus on the discursive writing center, thinking about the ideal writing center versus actual local practices, therefore, examining the network of scholarship, ideas, and practices of writing centers. This method was very helpful for this big…

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894 Reading Notes: Latour/ANT (Week 8)

I decided on a different approach for this week’s reading notes because I felt like terminology was so important for understanding Latour’s theory. Thus, I have decided to define what I see as major terms for this theory using quotes from Reassembling the Social. Intermediary: “what transports meaning or force without transformation: defining its inputs…

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Case Study 2 Outline Responses

I looked at Megan’s and Adrienne’s outlines for Case Study 2. It was really interesting to view both of their outlines because Megan is using two theories that seem to really go together and work in conjunction (hypertext and ANT) while Adrienne is using two very different theories (Foucault and CHAT). Seeing both of these…

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Case Study #2 Outline: Spinuzzi & Latour

Distinction between previous theoretical analysis through/application of Foucault which allowed examination of the discursive writing center and the present analysis using Spinuzzi and Latour, which allows for an activity or action focused network, bringing into focus a specific or local writing center as a network Spinuzzi: Nodes-situatedness & relationships network as a whole made up…

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