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Playing with Storify

For my course Teaching Writing with Technology we are challenged to use a new technology system each week to take notes on our reading. This week I tried out Storify, a system that allows you to pull content from various social networking sites and media platforms to integrate content to tell a story. I had…

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From Clinic to Center

I will start my job as the Coordinator of the Writing Center in 17 days. Though my life will become significantly busier then (I will still be teaching summer courses at another college that I was assigned before accepting this position, so I will be working 40 hours and teaching 2 writing courses), I find…

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New Direction

Well, my great idea to keep a blog chronicling my adventures as an adjunct didn’t quite work out. I never actually had time to blog. I had lots of ideas for posts based on what I was experiencing, but I lacked the time and energy to put pen to paper, so to speak. Perhaps that’s…

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That point in the semester

Currently I am teaching two summer courses. Both are technically new courses for me. One is the second  in a series of two composition courses required at the community college I teach at. The other is half of a section of an 8 credit developmental reading and writing course that I am teaching with a reading…

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