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Paper 2: Major Questions

Scholarship in writing center studies seems to revolve around the four big questions: what, where, why, and how. In this paper, I will tackle the two seemingly simple questions of what and where to show how these are complex and interconnected major questions with the field of writing center studies. The question what? encompasses questions…

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PAB Entry 2: What & Where

  Bruffee, Kenneth. (1984). Peer Tutoring and “the conversation of mankind.”  In G. A Olsen (Ed.), Writing centers: Theory and administration (pp.3-15). Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. In this essay, Bruffee looks at the history of the use of peer tutors in writing centers and the benefit that this model provides concerning…

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PAB Entry 1: Historical Perspectives

Boquet, E. H. (1999). “Our little secret”: A history of writing centers, pre- to post-open admissions. College Composition and Communication, 50 (3), 463-483. In this essay, Boquet traces the history of writing centers with the central question: are they a place or a method? Boquet suggests that the early 20th century incarnations of writing centers,…

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Graduate School Blogging

As part of my course work at ODU, I will be creating blog entries for some of my classes. This semester I am taking ENG 810: Major Debates in English Studies, and my entries will include short papers that examine my specific disciplinary interests within English Studies as I come to define myself as a…

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