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ENGL 894 Reading Notes: Ecology (Week 11)

With our readings for this week I found myself thinking about connections to Spinuzzi and Latour, and ultimately my interest was in how humans were portrayed as part of ecosystems in the readings. I was really struck by an early passage from Spellman in which he provides a passage he believes helps explain ecology. He…

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894 Reading Notes: Latour/ANT (Week 8)

I decided on a different approach for this week’s reading notes because I felt like terminology was so important for understanding Latour’s theory. Thus, I have decided to define what I see as major terms for this theory using quotes from Reassembling the Social. Intermediary: “what transports meaning or force without transformation: defining its inputs…

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894 Reading Notes: CHAT (Week 6)

In “Re-situating and Re-mediating the Canons: A Cultural-Historical Remapping of Rhetorical Activity” Prior et al. describe their project of resituating the rhetorical canon using cultural-historical activity theory as “fundamentally rhizomatic” (23). Thus, I have deemed it appropriate to have a rather rhizomatic post myself, with various offshoots of ideas/ notions that occurred to me as…

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894 Reading Notes: Genre Theory (Week 4)

I really enjoyed our readings for this week on genre theory as they helped me to begin to draw connections to my previous thoughts on genre, our discussions of rhetorical situation and Foucault’s archaeological method. Caroline Miller and Charles Bazerman both emphasize that genre is more than form or a set of requirements that must…

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Reading Notes: Foucault (Week 3)

While reading The Archaeology of Knowledge,  I was particularly attuned to Foucault’s use of the term archaeology, since that seemed to be the central metaphor of the methodology. If I’m honest with myself, my first association with archaeology is probably Indiana Jones. From these movies, we get a view of archaeology as the project of trying…

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