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PAB Entry 1: Historical Perspectives

Boquet, E. H. (1999). “Our little secret”: A history of writing centers, pre- to post-open admissions. College Composition and Communication, 50 (3), 463-483. In this essay, Boquet traces the history of writing centers with the central question: are they a place or a method? Boquet suggests that the early 20th century incarnations of writing centers,…

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New Direction

Well, my great idea to keep a blog chronicling my adventures as an adjunct didn’t quite work out. I never actually had time to blog. I had lots of ideas for posts based on what I was experiencing, but I lacked the time and energy to put pen to paper, so to speak. Perhaps that’s…

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That point in the semester

Currently I am teaching two summer courses. Both are technically new courses for me. One is the second  in a series of two composition courses required at the community college I teach at. The other is half of a section of an 8 credit developmental reading and writing course that I am teaching with a reading…

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